Introducing liquid resin

SLA 3D printing

Make it so!

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is one of the most popular mediums available today for conveying your message in the most favorable light; bringing that added level of quality to your web, broadcast or corporate campaigns.

3D Modelling

Whether for game or product design, our Polygon/Subdivision based 3D modelling experience will ensure your assets will be fast, efficient or 3D printed to the your highest expectations.

Industrial Design

Pitching a new idea or creating artwork for packaging will eventually require the need for artwork. What will it look like? Can you 3D print a prototype? These are the types of questions clients will ask. Will you have the answers?

Where We Came From

Over the past 20 years or so 3D technology has grown by leaps and bounds. What used to take months to produce can now be done in a matter of weeks or less. The prevalence of supporting innovations such as 3D printers, portable 3D scanning and desktop supercomputers; previously only available to those with deep pockets, is now cost effectively available for the mid-sized and even emerging advertising agencies to utilize.

Where We Are Going

We have recognized these changes and grown with them. Not only are we keeping up with the times by revisiting our approach and techniques, but also we know that part of this growing experience sometimes means reeducating ourselves from the standpoint of a beginner. By going back to school, we can supplement our current experience with the experience of our young contemporaries.



3D technology has made a significant impact not only on the movie industry but also in the physical world. Your local library used to be where we would go to check out a book, but today you can access their 3D printing service. Imagine a time in the near future when you no longer need to purchase a new part from the other side of the world, and instead download the part from the manufacturers support site and print it on your home 3D printer!

Providing specialized Dicom file conversion/3D output for the Health Care industry
•    Joint surgery
•    Cosmetic surgery
•    Prosthetic limb matching
•    Ligaments reconstruction
•    Skeletal augmentation
•    Mandible implants
•    Craniofacial disfiguration

It’s like 3D modelling in the real world.

Whether created from scratch or refinished, Carpentry has always been the foundation of my artistic interests.